Purchasing Card


The Mercer PCard is for small dollar transactions and for travel and does not replace the requisition system in Vantage.  The purchasing card simplifies some transactions however detailed documentation is required for all transactions.  Policies and procedures are required in order to maintain the privilege of using the card.  Refer to the PCard Policies and Procedures.

For all PCard increases and one-time authorizations, please contact Lisa Butler via email at butler_lj@mercer.edu or via phone at 478-301-2951.

  • Purchasing Card Application
  • Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures
  • Purchasing Card Fraud Policy
  • Purchasing Card cardholder procedures - Truist [pdf]
  • Purchasing Card approvers procedures - Truist [pdf]
  • Printing SunTrust Monthly Statement
  • Lost or Destroyed Original Receipt Affidavit

  • As part of the monthly reviews of PCard charges, not only is the cardholder notified of missing information or incorrect use of the card, but the Purchasing Office tracks and logs all these variances including missing receipts.  For reference, please note the definitions listed below of a missing receipt.

    Definitions of “MR” on the spreadsheet:

    “MR” no receipt; PCard user notified; sent in receipt after the fact.  No lost receipt form used.

    “MR” receipts provided; however, without details. (restaurant).   Lost receipt form sent to PCard user to complete and return in order to collect the description of the purchase.

    “MR” no receipt at all; lost receipt form used. (True non-compliance).

    “MR” no receipt available (not the PCard users fault).  Example – Parking meters

    As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the cardholder to use the University card with care and obtain the itemized receipt. For audit purposes, the University should limit the number of lost receipts by requiring additional training due to the number of lost receipts in order to continue using the University card.  If you realize that you have lost a receipt, please attempt to obtain a copy of the receipt from the vendor. If unable to obtain, please do complete the lost receipt form and we will be in touch regarding additional training if the PCard is still needed.